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Time Is Running Out For Your Summer Fundraiser

There are only a few weeks left to take advantage of the season and organize a fun, summer-themed fundraiser. Need some inspiration? Woodstock, New York recently held its 83rd Library Fair, a great summer fundraiser where residents can enjoy events like tug of war, fairy parades, dance parties, and children’s all-time favorite, face painting. According to an article on Woodstock Times, there was something new this year: a quilt and apron auctioning event that fairgoers were able to bid for through eBay.

All proceeds from the Fair went to the Woodstock Library, which has been an integral part of the community since 1931. We at eBay Giving Works are very glad to have played a role in preserving this piece of local history. As Woodstock has demonstrated, hosting a charity auction is only one of many ways to raise funds for your community. You can make the auction the main attraction of a much larger event or use it to complement other fundraising ideas that you have in mind. You just have to be creative!

Since summer is a good time to enjoy the outdoors, you might want to organize open-air contests like water balloon fights for kids and bike-a-thons for grownups. Car washes are also huge draws, especially if most households in your neighborhood own a vehicle or two. For an even more memorable experience, why not host a baseball game or a barbecue fundraiser in the park? While you’re at it, you can also host lollipop, cookie, or candy sales so kids can have lots of yummy treats to enjoy.

As for your auction, we recommend that you give your auction items plenty of thought. While you’re likely to receive bids regardless of what you sell, we note from experience that certain rare charity auction items simply attract the highest offers. These include celebrity memorabilia, collectibles, hard-to-find action figures, and vintage albums. Much like Woodstock’s handmade aprons and quilts, the rarer your items are, the higher the bids they’ll receive. You might also want to get your hands on pool supplies, which are in relatively high demand during the spring and summer months.

Just remember to manage your auction and keep tabs on everything that takes place! Our auction site, eBay Giving Works, can help organize and streamline your summer auction to make it easier to manage, giving you more opportunities for fun and enjoyment this season!  

(Source: 83rd Library Fair continues Woodstock tradition, Woodstock Times, July 24, 2014)