Doing Good Together

Star Power at the Local Level

One of the best ways to generate monetary support for a worthy cause is by organizing non profit fundraisers. Planning a successful fundraiser can be challenging, but if you can bring in a few big names it will be much easier to get publicity for your event and boost attendance!

A recent article in the Peninsula Daily News describes the “Pink Up Port Angeles” fundraising campaign to benefit an all-volunteer cancer support group in Port Angeles, WA. Their “celebrity” waiter, all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner really took advantage of some local star power:

Waiters will include such well-known Port Angeles people as Police Chief Terry Gallagher, City Manager Dan McKeen, Vonnie Mc-Knight and Kelly Ramond of Cherry Creek Mortgage, Terri Wood of First Federal and Sue Stoneman and Sue Roaf of the Peninsula Daily News.

The organizers of the Pink Up fundraiser utilized one of the most powerful promotional tools – they recruited some local celebrities to attend their event, and even better, to serve as volunteers. By tapping people like the area's chief of police and the city manager, among others, to serve as waiters for the event, the organizers created a buzz for the fundraiser and enticed more people to attend and donate by giving them the opportunity for a unique experience. These local celebs may not have the same star power as Lady Gaga or Jimmy Kimmel, but they still command attention and respect from the people they govern.

People who are planning fundraisers for nonprofits for the first time may want to take this approach add legitimacy to their events. While recruiting local celebrities isn’t always easy, you might be surprised how willing they are to help out for a good cause. Another excellent idea is to tap local companies as sponsors for gifts and raffles, which can be given away to donors during the event.

On the other hand, if you are looking to organize a fundraiser with a bigger target in mind, you can use reputable online platforms, like eBay Giving Works, to reach more people not only locally, but globally, as well. Through these trusted platforms, you can easily promote your event worldwide and receive secure donations. Generally, the donations are sent through trusted online payment processing companies like PayPal, which utilize safe, secure, and transparent methods.

Through proper promotional methods, partnerships with the right people, and use of effective online channels, engaging more people to donate for your fundraiser should be much easier.

(Source: “For your to-do list — 'Celebrity' waiter dinner ("Pink Up" fundraiser) in Port Angeles from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday,” Peninsula Daily News, June 28, 2014)