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Protecting Wildlife Through Online Fundraising

One of the more pressing and persistent global issues facing ours and future generations is the degradation of our natural environment and the elimination of endangered species.

Wolfgang H. Thome, a supporter of environmental conservation efforts, shared Born Free USA's bold move to name some of the world's most notorious poaching countries in a recent blog post:

A hard hitting and no word mincing report launched earlier this week, titled ‘Ivory’s Curse: The militarization and professionalization of poaching in Africa’ has named not just countries but also individuals alleged to be involved up to their necks in poaching, facilitating poaching and shielding poachers, financiers and traders from the law.

Born Free USA in a statement explained their reasons to commission the report which was done by specialist organization C4ADS on their behalf, saying they needed to know the mechanisms in place in the various countries and the individuals allegedly involved to finally exposed them in the public arena and move away from the vague references other conservation organizations have been relying on to describe wildlife crimes.

Poaching, or the illegal hunting and killing of animals, is a serious concern that affects the balance of nature, as it targets endangered species for profit. Born Free USA is one of eBay Giving Works' supported nonprofit organizations and is in need of all the support they can get for their far-reaching efforts.

Established to rescue captive animals and protect wildlife, the organization is fighting a battle for a brighter future for the generations to come. Thankfully, there are many ways you can help them through our program. You can support or put up a non profit fundraising drive to generate funds to finance their endeavors, or you can choose to donate directly to them through us.

Born Free USA, along with the many other groups we support, needs everybody's help, regardless of how big or small your contributions may be. Through nonprofit fundraising initiatives channeled through us, we can bring monetary assistance to these groups faster, without having to worry about the safety of the donations.

We only have one world to live and it only takes a little effort from all of us which, when combined, results in bigger things capable of changing the world forever.
(Source: “Born Free USA name most notorious poaching countries,” ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome,” April 24, 2014)