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Promotion: Key to Non Profit Fundraising Success

There can be no doubt that the ALS Association’s ‘ice bucket challenge’ is now one of the most successful non profit fundraising campaigns in history. According to Alicia Rancilio of The Associated Press, more than $53.3 million has been raised since July 29, 2014, thanks in part to the support of famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift. While the ALS Association itself didn’t expect the ice bucket challenge to become such a huge hit, the campaign’s success is certainly not lost on a host of other nonprofits that are now starting to rethink how they conduct their fundraisers.

According to an expert from the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, the campaign’s popularity is largely attributed to its simplicity, i.e. participate in the challenge, then either nominate someone else to do the same or simply make a donation. However, the ice bucket challenge really took off once it went viral over social media. Simplicity and publicity are the two things you have to keep in mind for your next fundraiser on eBay Giving Works. While we can certainly help manage your event, you’ll need to spread the word about it through email, social networking sites, and the like to ensure its success.

Facebook and Twitter users, in particular, were instrumental to the campaign’s popularity. As such, you might want to promote your fundraiser on these platforms. Through Facebook, you can post updates about the event and generate awareness through word of mouth every time users share links to your page. Meanwhile, Twitter allows you to post real-time updates that your followers can then retweet. Blog posts can also generate interest, especially if you use banner ads to redirect online traffic to your site.

In terms of promoting your fundraising event offline, you’ll need to be creative and put up more than the usual flyers or posters. Why not host your event in the days leading up to a major holiday like Thanksgiving? You can sell tickets to an intimate holiday dinner, a food drive, a raffle, or any other nonprofit fundraising ideas you have in mind.

As you can see, you don’t have to host an ice bucket challenge of your own to make your fundraiser a smashing success! Just remember to do your part in promoting your event, and we at eBay Giving Works will handle the rest.

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