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Online Fundraising for Literacy Causes

Good literacy skills are believed to be the foundation of all learning, making it critical to encourage reading in kids at an early age. An article in Guardian Liberty Voice features the efforts of a nonprofit organization to foster love of reading in young kids.

The Reach Out and Read Program is a not-for-profit organization promoting literacy and academic preparedness in pediatric offices in all 50 states. They provide free books to parents for their children and offer guidance about reading aloud to their children. A reading program in Louisville, Kentucky offers a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge as a technique to encourage parents and their children to read more together.

If you lead a nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging childhood literacy, this example may inspire you and you can consider forming partnerships with the pediatricians in your area as well. However, you will have to raise money to purchase a sufficient amount of books for young kids, and one way to do that is to launch a nonprofit online fundraising auction. Here are tips for choosing the items that would be good to put up for auction:


It goes without saying that the most appropriate items for your online fundraising auction are books. The main advantage of books is that they have an unlimited and continuously growing market. They are also easy to pack, store, and ship.

To maximize the efforts that go into literacy-oriented online fundraising for nonprofits, nonprofit leaders like you must carefully choose the type of books to include in the online auction. The typical bestsellers in online sales are non-fiction books on subjects like art & photography, history, how-tos, cooking, and medical and legal issues. Rare books also sell well, like first edition spy novels.

Novelty Items

Of course, you don’t have to take things literally (pun intended). There are novelty items that booklovers will find irresistible like book-style tissue boxes, book-shaped lights, and book-scented candles.

Handmade Bookmarks

If it’s not possible for you to procure novelty items, take the DIY route and put handmade bookmarks for auction. This idea is economical too, and all you have to do is gather recycled materials like old greeting cards or the bottom of cereal boxes and have any of your art-inclined staff members work their magic.

To promote early literacy development, you can raise funds through an online auction. To attract more supporters, carefully select which items to put on auction and use secured online auction websites like the eBay Giving Works Program.

(Source: Vaccinate Children With Books,, July 28, 2014)