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Online Charity Auction Pro-tip: Uniqueness Sells

It is often said that good things are worth waiting for, and this saying certainly applies to the one-of-a-kind items and once-in-a-lifetime experiences sold in auctions.

Perhaps this is the reason why these items are such big money-makers—their rarity breeds demand, and a willingness to pay. Just look at Auction Napa Valley 2014, which raised millions of dollars for charity back in June. Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen reported on the event for The Huffington Post:

"In one of the most anticipated wine country events of the year, Auction Napa Valley 2014 raised $18.4 million for non-profit charities that provide community health and children's education to the valley's residents…

…The fifty lots sold at auction included unique dream vacations, private dinners prepared by a roster of high-profile chefs, and otherwise impossible-to-procure wines…"

As you can see, donors are willing to pay top dollar for unique items and experiences, something that both charitable institutions and sellers like you should keep in mind when organizing online charity auctions. What other unique items sell big during auctions? Below are a few examples:

Signed Memorabilia

The world has gone digital, but signed memorabilia remain big-ticket items during auctions because of the nostalgia and sense of history they evoke. Whether the signee is a top athlete, an A-list celebrity, or a former president, these mementos will surely net a hefty selling price.

Fashion Accessories

Few accessories are as sought-after as the Birkin bag by Hermes, not only because of its $10,000-$80,000 price tag, but also due to its notoriously long production waitlist. When exclusive fashion items like these go on sale in auctions, bidders are more than happy to splurge on them, especially since the money will go towards charity as well.

So when preparing charity online auctions, remember this pro-tip: uniqueness sells. Also, don’t forget that the eBay Giving Works Program offers an easy way to sell your hard-to-find goods to willing buyers all over the world.

(Source: Auction Napa Valley 2014 Raises $18.4 Million for Charity, The Huffington Post, June 09, 2014)