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Ohio Man Has Raised $40,000 for Potato Salad

Do you ever wonder what makes some fundraising campaigns a huge success and others a total flop? You’re probably thinking that a great fundraiser starts with a worthy cause and explanation of exactly how you’ll use the money to support that cause. And most of the time, you’d be right.

But not when it comes to Zack (Danger) Brown’s Kickstarter campaign to raise money so he could make potato salad. That’s it. In Zack’s own words, “Basically, I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”

No fancy recipe, no plan to start a potato salad empire in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Zack started his potato salad campaign with a very reasonable fundraising goal of ten dollars. As of Wednesday afternoon, he had received over $42,000 from more than 5,000 donors. Not bad.

So how did he do it? We’d all love to know the secret behid Zack’s viral success but the likely answer is he just got lucky.

While Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, doesn’t allow individuals to use the website to raise money for charity, it would be great to see Zack use his stroke of fundraising luck to do something good, besides making one REALLY HUGE potato salad.