Doing Good Together

Five Easy Ways to Make the World Better Before 2015

This blog post is contributed by Justin Schmid, Editorial Manager and Wish Nation blog publisher from Make-A-Wish® America. You can support Make-A-Wish® America - and save them as your favorite cause on eBay - by visiting

You can still make great things happen this year. That’s right, even in the final days of 2014. You still have time to transform lives before 2015.

Think of it this way: Make-A-Wish never stops its work. Right now, Make-A-Wish kids are enjoying their long-anticipated wishes; the holidays are a busy wish-granting time. These are moments in their lives that help them feel like regular kids. They’re celebrating their triumphs over medical conditions, or creating memories that will help them stay strong through future challenges. These are pivotal events in their lives.

With just days left in the calendar year, how is it possible for you to stand by the kids we serve and make their lives better? Let’s take a look!

  1. Donate Online: Online donations come in all sizes, from a one-time gift to a monthly donation that continues far into the future. It all starts with a visit to our donation page, and you can strengthen your connection to the kids we serve in just moments. And when April rolls around, you can also help your tax-time bottom line if you donate before Dec. 31. You can also donate by buying and selling on eBay to support Make-A-Wish.
  2. Help Grant a Wish in Someone’s Name: I know each of us has friends who seem to have everything. It’s hard to shop for these people! But I’ll bet having a wish granted in their honor would be something new … especially once they find out about the wish kid who receives a wish in their name. This is an unprecedented chance for someone you care about to be part of something amazing. And you can make it happen.
  3. Send a Holiday Card: Guess how many holiday cards get sent every year? About 1.6 billion. Now, imagine what we could accomplish if greeting cards could raise funds … oh, wait! They actually can. You can send a holiday card to raise funds to help grant wishes. You can choose your cards and customize your greeting. They’re also available for businesses and individuals.
  4. Set up a Friends and Family Page: Every person can do something great as an individual. But you can amplify that effect by getting your friends and family to join you. You can customize many aspects of starting a Make-A-Wish Friends and Family page, too. It can reflect your interests, your hometown - the possibilities are numerous. And it just takes a moment to put in your request for a Make-A-Wish Friends and Family page.
  5. Volunteer: It’s a busy wish-granting time, sure. And that means the Make-A-Wish chapter that serves your community might need some extra help. Many chapters have needs for a huge array of talents and time commitments. They need wish-granting volunteers, clerical help, event volunteer staff members, even people with photography and translation skills.

There you have it - five simple ways you can end 2014 by doing something meaningful. And best of all, getting started is easy. Thank you for all you do to make the world better for the kids Make-A-Wish serves, and Happy Holidays!