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Lessons from a Gas Station: How to Go the Extra Mile

There is something about raising money for a worthy cause that gives people a feeling of joy and satisfaction, but the key to a truly successful fundraiser is getting and keeping donors’ attention. Non-profit fundraising ideas that are either unique or give rewards or privileges to the donors are more likely to generate interest and prompt more people to give.

According to an article in Convenience Store Decisions, Enmark Stations, Inc. raised more than $75,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by selling paper balloon icons in all of its gas stations across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. But that’s not all…

The paper balloon icons could be purchased for $1 and were displayed on surfaces inside the Enmark stations. In addition to the paper icons sales, Enmark Stations held two Full-Service Fridays on May 9 and May 23 at popular Savannah stations. Customers were invited to pull into the Enmark Store, where members of the Enmark management team pumped gas, wiped windows and handed out coupons for car washes for donations.

If you run a small business, you’re in a great position to raise money for charity by selling items or providing services in line with your business model. Start by examining your strengths and determining what you can offer the public. Then brainstorm some creative ways to incorporate these strengths in your fundraising drive.

You should also think about how you are going to promote your fundraising activity. Though you can put up signs and give out brochures or flyers to advertise, it is often more practical to promote your fundraiser online. Especially if you wish to connect with people outside of your own community, using a trusted online platform is the answer.

Reputable websites like eBay Giving Works can put your fundraising ideas for non profit in a better position, capable of reaching millions of people globally. If you want to raise money online, it is imperative that you find a website that is trustworthy and utilizes reliable channels and solutions for transferring that money to the intended beneficiaries.

As a donor, you should also take time to study the nonprofit activities you want to support. Since you’ll be parting with your hard-earned money, you’ll want to make sure it’s reaching the right organization. If everything is organized by trusted groups and donations are processed through reliable channels, like PayPal, then you’ll be more likely to give again.

(Source: “Enmark Stations Raises Over $75K To Fight The Leukemia & Lymphoma,”, June 24, 2014)