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How to Save a House in 6 Months

The nonprofit sector consists of different groups that support a wide variety of causes, from environmental issues to education to the arts.

The Green Gables at Historic Riverview Village, Inc. is a nonprofit in Melbourne, Florida formed to promote historic preservation in the local area. According to a report on WFTV, the group is currently collaborating with the Melbourne Historic Preservation Board and the local community to save a historic structure in the area, the 120-year-old Green Gables house, from an owner-initiated demolition.

A separate report in Florida Today says that the owners have agreed to hold off on the demolition for six months, enough time for supporters to launch a fundraising drive. With a successful nonprofit online fundraising strategy, the group could raise enough money for the property preservation.

Here are a few suggestions for how they can save this historic house in just six months:

Develop well thought-out mission, vision, and values statements.

With a local cause like this one, many people may simply be unaware of the issue. It is up to the nonprofit to educate the public about their goals by crafting thoughtful mission, vision, and values statements and posting them on their website and social platforms. When online users read these and have similar sentiments, they will likely make an effort and find a way to contribute to the cause.

Communicate a clear set of goals.

Vague statements like “support us” are not enough to motivate some internet users to help nonprofit associations. Nonprofit groups should communicate what the funds are for so potential supporters can make informed decisions. A foundation for the blind, for instance, may wish to raise funds to purchase a new set of Braille books and magazines. Nonprofits can also specify their target amount and deadline to convey a sense of urgency.

Spread the word.

Online tools can be used to spread the word about a non-profit online fundraising event and generate interest. Apart from their own website, nonprofits can also let people know about their campaign to raise money through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They can also send an email to their contacts. Traditional promotional methods shouldn’t be ignored, too; handing out flyers and placing posters in strategic places will help.

Hold an online charity auction.

Nonprofit groups can launch an online charity auction to raise funds quickly and easily by using a platform like eBay Giving Works. Explore the eBay Giving Works blog to learn about some of the successful campaigns launched through this site. If you’re interested in launching a fundraising campaign with eBay Giving Works, contact us and we’ll help you get started.

(Source: Efforts underway to save historic Melbourne home for demolition,, June 16, 2014)