Doing Good Together

Get Organized in 2015

Have you made “getting organized” one of your 2015 goals? If so, here are 3 quick tips on how to get your life and possessions in order...and you can even support good causes while doing so!

  1. Get One, Give One. Each time you buy something new, make it a rule to also get rid of something. The same day you bring new item into your home, get ready to say farewell to another piece of clothing.
  2. Make it a Group Activity. Whether you live with family, friends or four-leggged friends, make organizing a group effort. Put on some tunes, and make it fun. Do a cleaning activity for the length of a song, and then switch places and start a new song.
  3. Sell your Items on eBay. When minimizing your belongings, make a sell pile and a donate pile. For those items you want to sell on eBay, don’t forget to choose your favorite charity and donate as little as 10% to support them. You can save a little money for yourself and donate a portion to a good cause, so it’s a win-win! Find your favorite nonprofit at and get selling!

What are your tips for getting organized in 2015?