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Compete and Collect: Fundraising at a Whole New Level

Whether your fundraising event is large or small, the most successful fundraisers are fueled by preparation, planning and of course a little bit of luck.

Big, high-profile events like celebrity auctions and benefit concerts are great ways to raise money if you have the time and budget, but organizers often need fresh and creative charity fundraising ideas to drum up interest in smaller-scale events. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially for organizers who plan multiple fundraisers every year.

If you’re running out of new concepts for fundraising projects, here are a couple of suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing.

Break a World Record

One great way to bring in lots of donations is by tapping into the human desire for competition. And what could be more motivating than an attempt to break a Guinness World Record?

You could collect some serious change for your cause by attempting to break the record for the world’s longest line of coins, which currently stands at 40.32 miles. Even if your line doesn’t quite break the record, you can still donate the full amount to your preferred charity. For an even larger donation, talk to local businesses and find out if they are willing to match the amount you’ve raised. Now that’s fundraising as a whole new level.

Instant Wine Collection

Making a collection is a great way to organize items you want to donate in an interesting way. Once you put the collection together, you can either auction it off as a package or allow individuals to bid on each item separately.

If you’ve never put a collection together before, wine is a good place to start. First, go around town and ask people if they are willing to donate a bottle of wine for your cause—fine wine is fantastic, but ordinary wines work just as well. Once you’ve collected enough wine, sell the entire collection! 

You can auction off your collection at a live auction or online through platforms like eBay Giving Works (though there are some restrictions for wine). Collections work well with anything that has value such as stamps, baseball cards, etc. and if you can come up with a fun theme, that’s even better. Check out some of our creative collections like vintage vinyl and summer sunglasses!

These are just two ways you can use competition and collection to come up with some fun charity fundraising ideas. Tweak them to suit your situation or come up with entirely original ideas yourself. As long as your purpose is to aid those in need, any fundraiser you come up with will be a hit. In the end, all that really matters is that you’ve made a contribution to a cause that you believe in!

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