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Charity Fundraiser Tip: Throwing a Smashing Garage Sale

Do you want to get rid of unused belongings and support a worthwhile cause at the same time? Then hit two birds with one stone by holding a garage sale!

This is exactly what Rover Rescue in Illinois did to raise money for their animal shelter. This article from the Kane County Chronicle provides more detail on the event:

The goods were laid out all over the front yard, driveway and garage, everything from clothes to dishes, Christmas decorations to books, furniture to Halloween costumes for dogs.

At the tail-end of its three-day run on Saturday, the Great Annual Rover Rescue Garage Sale was still offering bargains galore and all to help their cause.

Teri Grandt of North Aurora is the foster home coordinator for Rover Rescue and hosted the sale.

"This is our biggest fundraiser of the year," Grandt said. "We generally make about $5,000 ... for vet bills. We don't have anybody in our organization that's paid, it's all volunteer. So all of our money – every single dime we make – all goes toward vet bills."

Garage sales are one of the best charity fundraiser ideas because they allow you to maximize profits while using what you already have: your old stuff and your own lawn/garage. To make your sale a smashing success, here are a few vital tips:

Check for Permits

Some towns and cities require residents to secure a permit before holding a garage sale, so be sure to check your local ordinances first to know if this step is required.

Keep an Inventory

Keep an inventory of goods so you know exactly what items you’re selling, how much each of them costs, and what your expected total revenue will be. Price tags also often get detached from items during the hustle and bustle of garage sales, so it’s always helpful to have your inventory list as a backup.

Draw the Eye

Want to attract more buyers? Then place larger items like furniture in the front. After all, bigger things draw more attention, and this arrangement lets people know that you have a lot of great things for sale. Put your “free pile” at the fore, too; who knows, the guy who picks up your stack of old books might also need that desk lamp you’re selling.

Have a Virtual Garage Sale

You can also hold an “online garage sale” with the help of the eBay Giving Works program. Just list your items for auction and earmark part or all of the proceeds for one of our many partner charities. If you want to organize easy charity fundraisers, our platform is the way to go!

(Source: Shoppers flock to Rover Rescue charity garage sale, Kane County Chronicle, August 2, 2014)