Doing Good Together

Seller Spotlight: Amy Warren from The Apple Barrel

When eBay merchant Amy Warren decided to donate to charity through eBay Giving Works several years ago, she says she had no trouble selecting an organization from the thousands that benefit from the program. A self-described “Air Force brat,” she gravitated immediately to the Wounded Warrior Project, a military/veterans charity organization dedicated to honoring and empowering injured veterans and their families.

Through eBay Giving Works, Warren regularly donates about 10% of the income she earns from a selection of listings in her eBay store, The Apple Barrel, to the Wounded Warrior Project. She sells primarily vintage items found at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift shops, and also cactus plants and seeds that she cultivates from her backyard in Arizona.

Warren says she believes her decision to participate in the eBay Giving Works program has only helped to enhance her reputation as an eBay merchant. “I often receive personal feedback from buyers thanking me for my support of the Wounded Warrior Project,” she says. “There was even one person who paid the full price for a ‘Buy It Now’ item, even though I had accepted his bid for $10 less. His payment included a note that said, ‘Thank you for taking my offer. I want you to give this extra $10 to the Wounded Warrior Project. I really like that you are supporting them.’ I thought that was really cool.”

“It’s so easy to donate to charity through eBay Giving Works,” Warren says. “I don’t have to write a check, and the donations go directly to the nonprofit of my choice.”

Warren recently began supporting another charity through eBay Giving Works, the American Cancer Society. “My grandmother passed away from breast cancer,” says Warren. “My mother asked if we could donate to the American Cancer Society by sharing a portion of the proceeds from items we sell on eBay from my grandmother’s estate.”

It’s become even easier for Warren to support both the American Cancer Society and the Wounded Warrior Project now that eBay Giving Works is part of the eBay mobile app. She says, “I used to draft my listings on my iPhone, but finish them on my PC so I could add my eBay Giving Works donations. Now it’s seamless – what a great addition to the eBay app!”

Warren says she especially likes that eBay Giving Works is a way to place charitable giving into the hands of the eBay seller community. “My involvement with eBay Giving Works has only further elevated my high opinion of eBay,” she says. “There are so many organizations sellers can support through the program. There really is something for everybody.”