Doing Good Together

Save a Life with Save a Child's Heart

This blog post is contributed by David Litwack, Executive Director at Save a Child's Heart.

Happy New Year from Save a Child’s Heart. The coming year will be the happiest new year imaginable for the children whose lives have been literally saved by the generosity of the eBay community. More than 35 children from the four corners of the earth are alive today, because a big heart can save a small one.  And, no one has a bigger heart than the eBay community!

We are counting on the eBay community to kick off the New Year by helping the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation save the lives of even more dying kids.

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) saves the lives of children dying of heart disease in developing countries around the world. For the vast majority of our patients, every penny of their medical costs are covered by SACH and its partners, from the moment a child comes under our care until they have fully recovered—even if they require a lifetime of treatment. SACH is completely dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the best medical treatment available—regardless of the child’s nationality, religion, race, gender or financial situation.

Everyone on the SACH medical team volunteers his or her time. Since our founding in 1995 by the late US Army surgeon, Dr. Ami Cohen, SACH has saved the lives of more than 3400 children from 48 developing countries. We also train medical personnel from developing countries. Last year we finished training Tanzania’s first pediatric cardiac surgeon, and we are currently training Ethiopia’s first pediatric cardiac surgeon.

Many of our children come from areas ravaged by war such as Iraq, Syria, Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, as well as some of the neediest countries in the world. Some of the children we are treating now include: Abdul from Zanzibar,  Asiya from Ethiopia, Denise from Romania, Eliza from Tanzania, Hiba from Iraq, Ibrahim from Gaza, Muchi from Bethlehem in the Palestinian Authority, and Glence from Kenya.

The year is not over yet. We still need to save more lives. Your support today will give dying children a new tomorrow. Click here to support Save A Child's Heart on eBay.