Doing Good Together

Help Create Jobs by Shopping from Goodwill

As summer winds down and you get ready for fall, you might find yourself taking a trip to the local Goodwill. You’re certainly doing good by making a donation, but did you know that you’re also helping create jobs and putting people back to work when you donate your items to Goodwill? Your donations also could be sold by Goodwill right here, on eBay!

For over 15 years, Goodwills have been selling on eBay. Selling everything from books and media, to wedding dresses and refurbished computers, 100% of their sales support their mission of job training and job creation. Every year, Goodwill agencies from across North America get together at their annual Summer Learning Event to share success stories, challenges and brainstorm about how to grow their businesses.

Sara, our Goodwill Account Manager, spent this week meeting with Goodwills and finding new sellers who are interested in selling on eBay. One advantage for Goodwills – and for any nonprofit who sells on eBay – is since they’re selling to support their cause, they receive selling fee credits from eBay.

Johnny Cochran, who manages the eCommerce program at Goodwill of Silicon Valley, likes using eBay for this very reason. “What the eBay Giving Works program does for us is credit back the fees associated with selling our items online. So if we sell the item on eBay, we essentially pay nothing for that.”

You can browse all the Goodwill listings on eBay at We’ve also put together a special collection of our favorite Goodwill items in the Goodwill Treasure Trove, and we encourage you to follow the collection to stay up-to-date on the coolest Goodwill finds. You might even find some timely pop culture items, including vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Planet of the Apes games!