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Be "Red Cross Ready" for National Disaster Preparedness Month

Did you know that September is National Disaster Preparedness Month? To take part and help you be prepared, we have partnered with the Red Cross to launch a Red Cross storefront on eBay.  This gives you the ability to purchase disaster preparedness kits, radios and other emergency supplies. There are a variety of items and price ranges, and this will help get you ready just in case disaster strikes. It’s a win-win because, not only will you have the supplies to quickly react and respond to a disaster, but the Red Cross will benefit by receiving 100% of your purchase price. Consider buying an item for you, friends, family, co-workers or anyone who might benefit from being prepped with materials and supplies. For example, the eBay Giving Works team is planning on stocking up on these supplies and including them as stocking stuffers for our friends and family as the holidays approach. The kits and supplies will be available for purchase on eBay all month long, so spread the word and start shopping!

Click here to support the Red Cross and stock up on supplies that could help save your life!