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3 Tips for Successful Online Fundraising for Nonprofits

For any nonprofit, there are few things more important than raising them money you need to sustain your programs and services. Fortunately, these days, you have a wide range of resources to find donors. Social media and marketing solutions expert Ken Mueller gives an insight on one of the most convenient tools to use for nonprofit donations, in an Inkling Media blog post. Thanks for the shout-out, Ken!

1. eBay Giving Works

Ever see a bake sale or yard sale for the purpose of raising money for a charity? Well, now you can do it online. eBay Giving Works offers everyone a chance to sell their old stuff, collectibles, and just about anything online, for the benefit of your favorite nonprofit. You can set it up so that either all or just a portion of the sale price goes to the charity. You can set up an account for your organization, and ask your supporters to sell their items on eBay with you as the beneficiary. People can search for your nonprofit and even purchase items that will directly benefit you.

 Before you start selling items to benefit your charity, take a look at the tips below to learn about effective online fundraising for nonprofits. The smart use of these tools is key to having a successful fundraising campaign. Here are three pointers to keep in mind:

Have legal documents ready.

Smart fundraising for non-profits entails partnerships between the auction websites and the company, providing the technology to allow netizens to make donations through the site. So, before you can put items for auction, you must first register with a charity partner. The registration process will require you to provide a legal document proving your nonprofit status.

List the items for auction appropriately.

Listing the items to put up for auction for a charitable cause is similar to listing an item to generate profit. You should write a detailed description of each item, including the brand name (if available), condition (new, slightly used, and used), and other item details like size, dimensions, and color. Prepare high-quality images to accompany the description.

Always say thank you.

You say “thank you” each time you receive a gift or a favor, and it’s a practice you can apply in the nonprofit industry as well. A well-written thank you note or a well-designed thank you page can go a long way and even encourage donors to become repeat donors.

When it comes to online fundraising campaigns, nonprofits have plenty of platforms to choose from, such as eBay Giving Works. Figuring out the most ideal tool to use, however, is not enough. You also have to learn how to use these resources wisely to raise more money for your cause.

(Source: 5 Non-Traditional and Creative Resources for Nonprofit Donations,, May 2, 2013)